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On Saturday, August 15, 2020, while preparing to ladle pour some "needed" dead soft lead ML balls, we had a propane explosion and resulting fire in the casting room. Just so you know, no one was injured and more importantly the moulds are okay! It does turn out that the best bullet lube in the world causes some mean smoke damage. Everything Garrett had has been damaged, and surprisingly thousands of ready to go bullets sitting in oven trays two rooms away. All exposed metal in the building started to instantly rust, think dies and presses. We keep a pretty minimum inventory of loaded ammo and when it's gone, it's gone. It will take at least three weeks to get up and running and it could be up to two months. The warden "claims" she's just glad I wasn't killed/maimed in the blast/fire. At least it's hot here in Texas!

The warden will continue to take orders and ship if she has the inventory. She will notify you if we cannot fill the order and we will hold it and then email you when we can.
You will not be charged for any order until it is available to ship and we have your approval.

We appreciate your patience while we regroup.

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